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Building and sustaining reliable cross-cultural relationships with employees, intercultural business partners or other international stakeholders can be very challenging.

Hello, my name is Isabell Zeiske and I’m the CEO and Founder of Culture Savvy Society, where we help corporate and public institutions like yours and your management employees with cross-cultural assignments to leverage corporate and local culture optimally to achieve complex intercultural business goals and outperform your competition.

Studies show that up to 42% of international assignments are perceived as failures!  We don’t want that to happen to you, because it’ll cost you tones of money, reputation and create high levels of frustration and demotivation amongst your usually high-performing staff.

Whether it concerns intercultural people leadership, cross-cultural negotiations, international joint ventures or mediating conflicts, my team of highly educated and experienced culture and language professionals make sure the results you’ve set your eyes on are the results you’ll get, or better! ;o)

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... Technical or Leadership Professional
before and on
International Assignments

... Line Manager, Budget- or
aka decision maker

... Public Administration
dealing with foreign cultures
through immigration

... Companies that aim to
market B2B in
Germany, Austria or Switzerland


I'm Isabell.

Founder and CEO of CULTURE SAVVY SOCIETY and creator of the Culture Savvy coaching and training programs, systems and methods.

My customers value my dedication and hands-on approach on helping them to thrive in diverse cultural environments, build and nourish great corporate cultures improving their KPIs and leveling up their leadership and communication skills to nail substantial international business goals.

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